Collections Officer (Council Tax Advisor)

Lincolnshire, Lincoln
£20 - £22 per hour
13 Oct 2016
27 Oct 2016
Job Type
Key Functional Links with:

Internal: Revenues and Benefits Manager, Recovery and NNDR/BID Team Leader, Council Tax Administration Team Leader, Recovery and NNDR/BID Officers, Council Tax Officers, team members from Customer Services, Benefits and Housing, staff of the Directorate of Resources and other employees of the partner Councils.

External: Council Tax payers, their representatives and agents, solicitors, estate agents, property owners, stakeholders in the community, Government Departments including the Valuation Office Agency and the Court Service, collection agents, other public bodies and associations, outside organisations in the business and voluntary sector.

Main Purpose of the job:

Within the corporate management framework, to:

1.Work under the general direction of the Recovery and NNDR/BID Team Leader to recover all outstanding monies owed to the partnership Councils including West Lindsey District Council Business Rates, quickly and efficiently;

2.Carry out inspections to domestic and commercial properties where required.

1.To ensure the effective use of all relevant resources (i.e. people, finance and assets:-
*To work as a member of a self managing team with a sense of collective responsibility and purpose and to provide support and advice to colleagues;
*To advise the Recovery and NNDR/BID Team Leader about possible future service needs to ensure that all resources are adequately planned for and managed;
*To ensure that any financial resources or assets are used effectively;
*To continuously develop own skills and knowledge in accordance with the Council's development framework and any professional requirements.

2.To support the Recovery and NNDR/BID Team Leader in delivering
*To support the delivery of the Council's 'Main Aims' and to promote its 'Core Values';
*To recommend and contribute to the implementation of any necessary changes in service delivery, operating flexibly to meet such changes.

3.To work effectively with others:-
*To develop and sustain effective working relationships with all internal and external stakeholders and contacts.

4.To contribute to the delivery of high performing services:-
*To contribute to the achievement of the Council's performance management framework, especially team plans and personal objectives;
*To be aware of and comply with health and safety requirements.

5.To contribute to the corporate focus:-
*To comply with corporate policies and procedures, as appropriate (eg financial regulations, personnel policies etc);
*To contribute to effective internal and external communications.

6.To create value for customers:-
*To promote and practise a high standard of customer care;
*To liaise with others across the organisation to meet customer needs and demands;
*To support the implementation of the Authority's 'Access to Services' vision, as appropriate.
Service Specific Activities:

1.To visit domestic and business properties within the administrative areas of the partner Councils including West Lindsey District Council for Business Rates, and optimise the collection of Council Tax, Business Rates, the Business Improvement District Levy, Sundry Debtors, Former Tenants Arrears and Benefit Overpayments by all available methods. On occasions this may be outside normal office hours;

2.To offer advice to customers on possible entitlement to Council Tax discounts or exemptions, disabled banding relief or Council Tax and Housing Benefit;

3.To assist with interviewing debtors at the Magistrates Court as necessary

4.Carry out ad hoc visits and inspections as required.

5.To attend and represent the Revenues Service at internal and external meetings as required;

6.To be aware of any internal policies and procedures that impact on the Revenues service;

7.To undertake such other duties as may be required within the general scope of the post or at the instigation of the Recovery and NNDR/BID Team Leader.