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As one of the UK’s largest organisations, with around 56,000 employees, collecting over £500 billion in tax revenue, and serving 45 million individuals and 4.8 million businesses, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is a major non-ministerial government department with a clear sense of purpose and impact across the UK. 

Like any good organisation, we need to continually adapt to the times we are in. Our business priorities are to maximise the revenues we collect to pay for essential public services, improve the services we deliver to millions of customers and to do so whilst reducing costs. HMRC’s ambitious change programme - Building our Future - is shaping how we will transform over the coming years, and begins to set out what HMRC will be like in 2020 and beyond. As we build our future together, we are committed to including, involving and investing in our staff.  

A message from Jennie Granger, Director General, Customer Compliance

Jennie Granger

As one of the UK’s largest organisations, with around 56,000 employees collecting over £500 billion in tax revenue and serving 45 million customers, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is a major non-ministerial government department with a clear sense of purpose and impact across the UK. 
HMRC plays a vital role ensuring that money is available to fund the UK’s public services and to help families and individuals with targeted financial support.  

In doing so, we reach almost every single adult and business in the UK.  Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and our employees are passionate about helping the honest majority get their tax right, and actively pursuing the dishonest minority who cheat the system.

The diversity of work at HMRC calls for a variety of tax professionals and offers a broad range of career paths and opportunities. 

Customer Compliance (CC) specialises in responding to compliance risks to the revenue system, detected with innovative analytics and specialist risk and intelligence services.  They carry out compliance and enforcement activities for most taxpayer segments, from individuals, including the wealthiest in the UK, micro-businesses up to midsized businesses with turnovers of up to £200 million and 2,000 of the UK’s largest businesses that pay around 60% of UK tax receipts.

CC is using new techniques to encourage taxpayers to get back on track, such as using social psychology and nudge techniques to persuade individuals and businesses to voluntarily come forward and disclose their non-compliance and pay their tax, as well as the more hard edged enforcement activities where needed.  

Our approach to dealing with large business customers is the same as its approach to the wealthiest individuals, based on an intensive relationship management approach which provides certainty, clarity, proportionality and speed of resolution, underpinned by high levels of professionalism and commercial understanding. 

We’re confident you will find it exciting to join us, to be a role model, to be inspiring and empowering as part of the future leadership of the Civil Service.  It’s at the forefront of delivering public services and government policy and although we may be biased, it really is a great place to be.  

There are many exciting, stretching and challenging roles in Customer Compliance and I’d like you to be part of our vital organisation. 

We look forward to receiving your application,

Jennie Granger
Director General, Customer Compliance

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