3 reasons why bigger is better when it comes to finding talent

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Across the UK 23% employers are unable to find the talent they need – the worst shortage since 2008 according to our research. One of the worst affected sectors is the skilled trades, alongside roles such as engineers and technicians. To uncover the hard to find talent your business needs, you need a partner that is always switched on. Consumers expect their needs to be met any time, any day of the year, and so you need a partner who offers the same. This is where a large technical partner with size, scale and specialist knowledge is able to deliver powerful results for clients, individuals and communities. 

  1. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment; it takes time, resources and the knowledge to try out different strategies. What businesses really want is a partner to do this for them – developing a pool of candidates. Larger partners have the means to build a strong network of contacts quickly and thus gain a thorough understanding of niche roles in demand. Each organisation’s roles vary from temp, perm or a mixture of the two. A large technical partner will be able to consistently respond to your needs, no matter what your size, scale or location.
  2. Larger networks mean quicker turn arounds. There are no substitutes for the hard-to-find technical and trade skills your operation requires. Having a larger and more established partner means they have done the years of building networks of skilled tradespeople, engineers, technicians, Health & Safety Managers for you. Similarly, they have established a reputation in the industry. Whether you need to recruit for special projects, day-to-day operations or to combat tomorrow’s skills challenges – a bigger partner such as has the ability to help you hire talent quickly and efficiently whilst never compromising on quality.
  3. A larger partner means better tech and more flexibility. During tough times like we’ve all seen in recent months as a result of COVID-19 it is important for organisations to future-proof and have help on hand who understands how to do this. What your organisation will need is speed of response, and that’s why bigger can be better when choosing a partner. A bigger player has the means to invest in the latest technology, to remain agile and will have the digital footprint you need.  Better technology also means more flexibility in the recruitment process. Teams are able to source more recruits for your ideal workforce, in less time. The correct implementation of technology means even in a health crisis, bigger recruiters will continue operating at full capacity, increasing your reliability and brand reputation. 

Manpower combines on-the-ground presence in 75 locations across our Group of companies in the UK, with extensive digital capabilities and an intelligence-led approach. This enables us to connect with millions of candidates across the country and meet the needs of thousands of employers every year. Technology has opened a new world of possibilities for everyone. But how we unleash this potential is what sets us apart. Our high-tech, high-touch approach allows us to give employers better access to in-demand, hard to source talent. 

To find out how we create better matches between companies and employees, get in touch with us today.

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