Industrials World of Work Outlook

Industrials World of Work Outlook

The global industrials sector includes everything from manufacturing and distribution of capital goods for aerospace and defence, building products, electrical equipment, machinery, to construction and engineering services. It is a sector that leverages significant capital investment, cutting-edge innovation, and complex global supply chains to literally build the foundations of the modern global economy.

Although this industry is accustomed to change, the pace has significantly accelerated since 2020. In recent years, industrials sector leaders have already overcome a global pandemic, supply chain bottlenecks, historic inflation, the largest war in Europe since WWII, manufacturing localisation pressures, growing demands to reduce carbon footprint, and increasingly persistent talent scarcity.

The ManpowerGroup Global Insights report on the industrials sector analyses the top five trends impacting this industry and its workforce today.

Read the report to discover:

  • The factory floor of the future: How technology advancements are delivering greater efficiency and cost savings
  • The green transition: How investment in green jobs will transform the sector
  • Business transformation: The changes offered by new business models, new materials and a renewed focus on customer experience
  • And more.

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