Webinar: Empowering sustainable futures – why green skills will impact people-first business transformation

Empowering sustainable futures

As the global transition to a greener economy evolves, sustainability goals alone are no longer enough.

Growing demand for action to address climate change from consumers, investors and government policymakers will accelerate the need for green business transformation. As a result, opportunities for a larger portion of the workforce to participate in the green economy around the world will grow. By 2030, the green transition is expected to create up to 30 million new jobs.

However, this green transition is happening during a time of growing talent scarcity. Three-quarters of employers globally (75%) say they are struggling to find the skilled talent they need. An even larger majority (94%) say they do not have the skilled talent to achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

How can you prepare your organisation for the impact of the green transition?

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • What the main drivers of the green transition are
  • Reasons to consider worker perceptions of the green transition and its impact on employer favourability
  • How employees’ current skills can translate into careers in emerging growth industries
  • How to create your future green workforce.

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