Getting the most out of your recruiter relationship

Recruiter relationship

Looking for a job can sometimes feel like a slow and lonely experience. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A recruiter will speed up your job hunt, make the process much more collaborative and greatly improve your chances of landing the perfect new role. Here’s why a successful job search strategy should include building relationships with recruiters.

Unlocking access to more job opportunities

Some employers rely on recruitment agencies to find candidates for their jobs and don’t advertise roles on job boards. That means if you’re only scrolling through job boards in your search strategy, you’ll likely miss out on a lot of opportunities. By investing time in recruiter relationships, they’ll develop a deep understanding of your talents and job preferences so when suitable job opportunities come their way, they’ll have you front of mind and you could end up being recommended for a job you wouldn’t have otherwise come across.

Quick responses from recruiters

When applying for a job directly through the hiring company’s website, it can sometimes take weeks before you get a response, which is frustrating when you’re actively pursuing a new job opportunity. However, when you apply for a job through a recruiter, the turnaround times are often much quicker. If you’re a suitable candidate, you’ll hear back from them within a few days and the chances are you’ll be progressed to the first interview stage quickly too, usually within a week. Ultimately, working with a recruiter means you’re more likely to get started with a new job sooner.

Recruiters can sell your story

The length and complexity of the job application process can vary from employer to employer. Sometimes you’re only given the option to submit your CV and covering letter, which creates less work for the job seeker. But the downside to this type of application is that it’ll be hard to effectively convey who you are, the experience and skills you’ll bring, and why you’d bring value to that employer in those two documents alone. Another benefit of partnering with a recruiter during your job search is that they’ll act as a conduit between you and the employer. They’ll bring your CV and cover letter to life by explaining why your background and skillset are so suitable and pitch you as a great candidate for the job. In other words, they’ll sell you to the employer – a huge bonus.

Supporting you through the recruitment process

Job hunting can sometimes feel like a solitary experience, but with the help of a recruiter, you won’t be alone. Once they’ve recommended you as a suitable candidate and the employer decides they’d like to meet you, a great recruiter will go the extra mile during the next steps in the process. They’ll coach you through the interview stages by indicating what kind of questions will be asked, suggest how you can best prepare, give you details about who you’ll be interviewing with and give you feedback after the interview. They can also suggest improvements for your CV, to boost your chances of success with future job applications.

We’re here to support the next step in your career. As a global leader in the recruitment industry, we pave the way in the world of work. Our experienced consultants will work closely with you to understand your experience and skillset, then use their specialist knowledge to match you with suitable roles. With offices spread throughout the country, we have hundreds of temporary and permanent job opportunities available across a range of industries.


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