How to get noticed for a career promotion

How to get noticed for a career promotion

With Covid once again forcing many organisations to back-pedal on their return to the office, instead leaving many of us remote working, it can feel like more of a challenge to catch the attention of management, show your worth and gain a promotion. But it’s possible to put the spotlight on your achievements and potential for the next level, including highlighting accomplishments in self-assessments and end-of-year performance evaluations. Here are four ways to get noticed to boost your promotion chances this year.

Document your achievements

Before talking about where you’re headed, it helps to know where you’ve been to show to yourself and your manager what you’re capable of accomplishing. Keep detailed records of both what you’ve finished, as well as what you hope to still learn and gain. Make note of where you have exceeded expectations and gone beyond your job title, and ask how you might leverage that in a new role or responsibilities. For example, have you identified and solved problems, or provided value through new ideas? If possible, use numbers and data to quantify the positive impact your efforts have had on the business.

Set specific goals

Write down and visualise exactly what outcome you are seeking, such as gaining a leadership role, increasing your salary or relocating to another part of the country. With a clear end in mind, work backwards and create a route to achieve what you want with a plan to make progress each step of the way.

Connect with mentors

You may find that more mentorship help is required than one person’s limited experience can offer. Have a conversation with your manager about opening the door to more input, perhaps from other teams within the organisation, or from more senior staff, such as a personal board of directors. Consider how multiple mentors can provide different perspectives, new connections, specific skill sets or expertise in an area that you lack.

Seek sponsorship

Sometimes, mentorship is not enough. While a mentor is someone who has knowledge and will share it with you, a sponsor is a person who holds a senior position and helps you rise through the ranks. Sponsorship is a critical factor in helping talented, motivated individuals advance in the business world. As reported in this 2019 article, women  in particular tend to be over-mentored and under-sponsored. Beyond mentoring, it’s important to find influential individuals who can help others get ahead.

You’re much more likely to achieve your goals when you write things down. Make sure you don’t just dream it, do it. Setting clear and achievable goals will help you reach your ends –– and get to the next levels.

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