Just launched! ManpowerGroup's Human Age Newspaper

ManpowerGroup's Human Age Newspaper

2022 has the potential to be one of the most transformative years in recent history. As we enter the post-pandemic reality, companies are realising they need to do more to attract and retain skilled, diverse workers, and people in turn are looking for more from their employers to thrive at work. 
This has led to the emergence of what we’re calling the Great Realisation – where both workers and companies are recognising the need for something new and different.

We’re delighted to share the latest edition of our Human Age newspaper, where we explore all the labour market trends contributing to the Great Realisation in detail, as well as some of our own initiatives and solutions for tackling the challenges of today’s world of work.

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Accelerating Careers and Closing the Skills Gap with MyPath

MyPath is Manpower’s exclusive upskilling programme, connecting high-performing Associates with opportunities to advance their skills and increase their earning potential whilst on assignment with us.

Find out how we’re able to provide a predictable pipeline of skilled and motivated talent to our clients, improving the quality and productivity of the workforce through the MyPath programme:


Introducing Manpower Engineering

Manufacturing supports up to 2.5 million jobs across the UK, yet vacancies in the industry are at an all-time high. Engineering operations across all manufacturing sectors are facing much more than just a skills shortage. In a post-Covid world, employers are having to work much harder to attract and retain critical and in-demand engineering skills.

Explore how the newly launched Manpower Engineering division is tackling the talent challenge head on:


Driving the Industry to a New Future

The driving and logistics sector is facing significant challenges. One of the greatest of those is the growing driver shortage. Estimated at 100,000, the mismatch between the number of drivers needed and the number available continues to present problems for employers across the country.

Manpower and HGVT decided to face this challenge head-on with the formation of a dedicated Driver Academy.


Looking for the Hire Power

With 69% of employers around the world reporting that they cannot find workers with the skills they need, talent scarcity is at a 15-year high. We explore five trends to help companies attract the talent they’re looking for in 2022 and beyond:


At ManpowerGroup we’re committed to transforming our business for the post-pandemic world, while helping you do the same! Explore all the latest workforce trends now.

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