Meet Kelly Titus: Manpower Associate who we helped to find her ideal role and company.

Having worked on and off for Manpower since 2009, Kelly Titus turned to us again last year, to help her secure her latest role at ALC Vehicles. Initially taken on as temp, she impressed and was soon being interviewed to go perm. Here's her story:

The reason I began temping was to try and find a company and role that I felt at home in. But none could quite match up to the atmosphere I encountered at a previous role, at an insurance company. For me it was not like going to work. It was like one big family and devastating when I was made redundant.

Like most temps, I registered with a number of different agencies (sorry Manpower) to ensure I was always in work and the bills were paid. As it happens, of all the agencies I was registered with, Manpower was the recruiter that consistently delivered in terms of regular work assignments, pay and benefits. I worked at various different companies on a temporary basis, small and large, including some well-known household brands.

After I finished my last assignment, I was eager to move on to my next role. So I visited my local Manpower branch, and had a chat with Adam, my Manpower point of contact. I explained what I was after from the role and company, and within hours, Adam had secured me work at a company called ALC Vehicles.

As soon as I started my temp assignment at ALC Vehicles, I knew this was the company for me. The work is varied, I am always busy and never bored. But beyond that, the people I work with on a daily basis are fantastic. I never suffer from Monday morning blues and I look forward to getting into work each day!

I enjoy it so much, that when the opportunity to go permanent was presented, I grabbed it with both hands and I did not let go. Walking into the interview, I secretly felt I had an advantage over the other shortlisted applicants. As I had been successfully performing the role and knew I could draw upon this experience when answering questions during the interview. The interview was a success and I was made a permanent member of staff. In fact, the transition from temp to perm was easy and I would recommend temp to perm to anyone else considering.

Biscuits and Banter

Friends and family are always surprised to hear how much I enjoy working at ALC Vehicles, as there is an impression of the industry being very male-orientated. Many people ask how I cope in such an atmosphere. The truth is, we're all one team and gender doesn't make a difference. More and more women are coming into the industry, and I would be upset if I was treated differently just because I was a woman. Plus I have a secret weapon at my disposal... biscuits and banter. You would be surprised at how effective a never-ending supply of biscuits and a readiness to share a joke helps with cementing work relationships.

One unexpected benefit of my temporary work assignments was how much my confidence increased. I find it helps me on a daily basis to deal with colleagues, customers and the challenges I face each and every day at ALC Vehicles.

Before I started temping, I was concerned I would suffer professionally in keeping my skills relevant and up-to-date. However, any worries I had soon disappeared when successive employers invested in me with training and development. Even though I was a temporary member of staff I was treated exactly the same as a permanent member of staff.

I wish I could say I had some cunning strategy or secret to finding the right company. I don't. It was very much a happy accident I found ALC Vehicles. Temping was the right choice for me. The beauty of temping is you can try before you buy. It gives you a great opportunity to test out different roles, different industries. Crucially, you can find out what the company and work is really like - the reality behind the job spec and glossy website. I would definitely recommend it to other people too.

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