Enforcement Support Assistant - Epping

Undisclosed Company
Epping, Essex
£18250 per annum
14 Oct 2016
28 Oct 2016
Manpower UK
Job Type

General description

To provide proactive and administration support to both the Enforcement Managers and Agents.

Core duties and responsibilities
 Completing daily, weekly tasks, in line with the Enforcement Support Managers requirements in order to hit agreed targets
 Monitoring Optimise incoming request panel
 Confirming EA's Availability to work by outbound calling
 Supporting EA's where and when possible by actions such as assigning cases, taking and chasing payments,
booking hotels supply stationary etc.
 Answering and dealing with telephone or email enquiries or from Regional Enforcement Managers and Officers
 Ensuring that all incoming request are completed in a timely manner
 Reviewing EA/AO/IA/CMG/CTAX holdings to ensure that:
o Managers are keeping holdings within agreed levels
o EA's are working all cases
o Audit / Checking EA's Returns, and validate actions by phone or email to both EA or customer
o EA's are dealing with oldest cases as well as newest or by balance scorecard requirements
 Checking balance score card activity in line with REM's requirements and taking appropriate actions where required
 Communicating / dealing with and when necessary, with Debtors & Customers, on EA's behalf chasing payments or chargebacks, good removed etc
 Request permission to remove goods when and where necessary
 Audit EA's actions to make sure that they comply with both Company and Client processes or procedures
 Take and process the Hotel booking request across the Group
 Sending out Auction letters, chasing up pound payments etc.

 Ensuring that the process of sending vehicles to auction is followed from the point of removal to sale
 Sampling and reviewing EA/AO/IA/CMG/Ctax returns (re-assigning or re-returning as appropriate) to ensure that cases have been dealt with in accordance to the SLA and current Client guidelines
 Assignment of work to Enforcement Agents, Attending Officers & Arrest Officers as and when required
 Assist with persistent evaders in particular, and any Client requests for immediate enforcement
 Ensuring reports are run by the Client to establish cases that should have been assigned and advising Regional Enforcement Managers. Looking closer at the TMA Batch reports and HMCTS Balance scorecard. Establishing problem areas and working with Client services / Account Managers to resolve
 Working with Managers to ensure all multiples are assigned out or sent for further trace etc.
 Assisting REM's to spot issues via various diagnostics including analysing rogue batches/existing patterns and recovery rates
 Ensuring that all HPI and Permission to remove requests are dealt with in a timely manner and results relayed to the appropriate EA swiftly
 Processing warrant transfer, COA & force completion forms to ensure the appropriate system has been updated
 Assisting with the administration of the Goods Removed, helping to deal with the debtor calls and Third Party claims. Passing calls to Manager where needed
 Ensuring that the process of sending vehicles to auction is followed from the point of removal to sale
 Keeping accurate records of vehicles held in the Car Pound
 Ensuring EA provide photos of all vehicles on clamp, ensure the system is noted and the photo saved accordingly. Notify Managers where an EA fails to comply
 Responding / defending chargeback notifications
 Proactively where possible contact customers by phone and email etc. to reduce chargebacks
 Ensuring all DVLA requests are entered accurately and EA's are advised of the results
 Identifying issues with start/finish times for PAYE staff
 Internet checks, as requested. e.g., Map

Other duties and responsibilities
 Income and expenditure reviews
 Payment arrangement & reviews
 Set new DD's

Training requirements
 Company internal system

Experience: essential
 Computer Literature including MS (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)