Non-legal member of the Employment Tribunals

United Kingdom
Daily fee payable of £187.30 (plus travel and subsistence)
21 May 2019
14 Jun 2019
Public Sector

Becoming a non-legal member of the Employment Tribunals may be your opportunity to 'give something back' in an interesting, challenging and rewarding judicial role.

You would play a crucial part in delivering a fair hearing and a just outcome to those involved in employment disputes, contributing to the independent decision- making process, deciding cases about alleged discrimination, harassment, victimisation, unlawful detriments during employment, equal pay and many other issues. It is not necessary to have experience of Employment Tribunal advocacy, you would be provided with full training.

You would be paid a daily fee for the days on which you sit on cases or for training. This role requires a high level of flexibility. You would need to make yourself available for a minimum of 30 days a year; however, there is no guaranteed minimum level of days (or sittings) that you will be offered. It is important that you carefully consider how this role would align to your current commitments. Typically, you will be required to sit on hearings that last from two to five consecutive working days although some hearings may last several weeks and there is a need for members who can offer that level of flexibility.

The role of a non-legal member is a judicial office. It is an important role, which has helped to deliver workplace justice for over 50 years. This is the first recruitment of non-legal members to the Employment Tribunals since 2009 and the workplace has not stood still. With the "gig economy", increases in agency, migrant and cross-border working, the growing influence of social media in the workplace and the emergence of complex disputes at the interface of religious belief and sexual and gender identity. Difficult cases on issues such as these require serious, careful and impartial thought, so that justice is served, and the rule of law supported.

You would sit alongside an Employment Judge (an experienced lawyer) as either an employer panel member (using experience from an employer perspective) or as an employee panel member (using experience from an employee perspective). Non-legal members hold a diverse range of backgrounds, please visit for further details of the skills and experience required and the training provided.

If your application is successful, you will add new experiences and new perspectives to the Tribunals' decision-making and, it is hoped to enhance the diversity of this important part of the judicial family.