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Jennie Granger

It’s an incredibly exciting time to work in Customer Compliance in HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), a department of over 56,000 people that’s transforming on an unprecedented scale. We’re moving more of our services online and designing products and services that make it as simple as possible for our customers to interact with us. 

We’re doing this at the same time as reducing costs, improving customer service and increasing the revenue we bring in.

Our people are at the heart of transformation as the Department becomes smaller, more highly skilled and based in fewer locations. 

As Director General for Customer Compliance, I lead HMRC's largest business line of 22,000 people. We specialise in responding to compliance risks to the revenue system, detected with innovative analytics and specialist risk and intelligence services.  

We carry out compliance and enforcement activities for many different customer groups, from individuals and micro-businesses up to mid-sized and large businesses. We also carry out specialist criminal investigation activities that target organised crime. 

In HMRC we are using new techniques such as social psychology and nudge techniques to encourage taxpayers to get back on track with their tax affairs. We want to persuade individuals and businesses to voluntarily come forward and disclose their non-compliance and pay their tax, but are also using more hard-edged enforcement activities where needed.

I’m probably biased but the Civil Service is a great place to be. I’m confident you would find HMRC an exciting place to work as we’re at the forefront of delivering public services and government policy and we have exciting, stretching and challenging roles to offer. I’m thoroughly enjoying being part of it and I’d like you to be part of it too.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Jennie Granger

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