What would you do?

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As a caseworker you would lead or work as part of a highly motivated team looking into the tax affairs of individual customers for example UK and international businesses, employers, individual and public bodies or analysing and reviewing data to inform the compliance activity of others. 

What would you do?Your day may be spent either examining records, meeting our customers or you could be analysing intelligence. Whatever the actual role, you will be working (directly or indirectly) with our customers to help them understand the importance of paying the correct tax and prevent future tax evasion and non-compliance. 

HMRC will provide you with extensive training and support to enable you to provide high-quality and hard-hitting results. This includes the development of skills in problem solving, decision making and interviewing.

Your precise role will depend upon the directorate in to which you are appointed, but typically the work will include: 

  • Carrying out quality compliance checks and establishing facts using an investigative approach 
  • Visiting a variety of businesses across a wide range of locations, sometimes outside traditional working hours 
  • Engaging directly with customers, for instance to check and where necessary challenge the contents of external customers' tax returns, raising timely and accurate tax assessments or providing quality risk or intelligence assessments to internal customers and senior managers 
  • Working with legislation, policy and guidance, which will require you to exercise good judgement
  • Conducting high profile and complex investigations into avoidance arrangements and bringing them to appropriate resolution either by negotiated settlement or litigation
  • Some roles require a degree of travelling to our customers’ premises; this is typically within a reasonable daily travelling distance but occasional travel to other HMRC locations may be required.

InformationPlease download the Candidate Information Pack for a full job description.