Disability and the Guaranteed Interview Scheme

Disability Confident EmployerWe incorporate equality into our core objectives, making every effort to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and develop good working relationships between different people.

The Home Office actively encourages applications from people with disabilities. Within your application please tell us about any support you require in:

  • Completing your Application;
  • Online Assessments;
  • Your aspirations statement;
  • Your Video interview;
  • The workplace if you are successful.

Paper applications will only be considered if you have a disability that prevents you from applying online. If this is the case, please email us as we would be delighted to provide support.

The information provided in your application will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be considered to provide support during the recruitment process.

Adjustments to online assessments

If you have a documented medical condition or disability that may affect your performance in the online tests, you may be entitled to reasonable adjustments in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. Please contact us by email BEFORE you take the online tests so that we can arrange support. Please email apprentices@homeoffice.resourcing-support.co.uk as we would be delighted to provide support.

We will treat each request individually and on its own merits. Any requests for adjustments must be received by 23:59 on the 6th of August which is the closing date for applications.

Guaranteed Interview Scheme

If you consider yourself to have a disability which has a long term and substantial affect you are able to apply under the Guaranteed Interview Scheme. This means that if you meet the minimum criteria for the campaign, we will guarantee you an invitation to interview. For this recruitment the criteria is meeting the minimum score in the online assessments. If you meet the minimum score in each of the four tests and the minimum standard in the aspirations statement, you will then be guaranteed an invitation to interview.

Please note: In order to progress under the Guaranteed Interview Scheme your aspiration statement would need to score 4 or more.

Important Note
PLEASE NOTE: Any false declarations made in order to obtain an interview will lead to the withdrawal of your application or later dismissal.