Frequently asked questions and answers

Contract Type, Pay, Working Hours and Grade

  1. I work for the Civil Service today at a higher pay grade, what salary would I start on?
    You would start on the advertised salary of either £15,000 outside Greater London or £18,000 inside Greater London.
  2. Is this a permanent or fixed term contract?
    This is a permanent contract, typically your apprenticeship will take around 18 months and this contract includes a 12 month probationary period.
  3. What happens at the end of my Apprenticeship?
    Subject to successfully completing your apprenticeship and passing your probationary period, you will automatically be posted as an Administrative Officer AO Grade and your salary will be adjusted. Please note it can take time following the completion of your Apprenticeship to adjust your salary.
  4. What hours would I work and do I get a premium for shift working?
    Different shift patterns operate across our business areas. You will work 37 hours per week and this may include early, mid and late shifts including night working. We operate an allowance system which is typically paid as a percentage of your salary. Unfortunately we cannot confirm the % until you are successfully posted to a business area as this can vary from 0% to 40% dependent upon the shifts.
  5. Are there any part time roles or alternative working patterns available?
    We are not able to offer any part time or alternative working patterns due to the training commitments of the Apprenticeship.

Application process & eligibility criteria

  1. Why do I have to be 18 years old in order to apply?
    These roles include shift working and it is not legal for those who are under 18 to work some of these shifts.
  2. I don't have a current, valid passport can I still apply?
    Home Office policy is that all applicants, including Civil Servants must have a valid, current passport in order to be eligible. You will need to present a passport if successful in late August/ Early September and confirm your passport number in your application form.
  3. My passport is being renewed, can I still apply?
    Yes. Please place the expired passport number in your application form. You will need to present a passport if successful in late August/ Early September.
  4. What qualifications would be considered to be the same or higher level to Apprenticeship Level 3 in a similar subject that would exclude me from applying?
    Pending clarification
  5. I haven't lived in the UK for the last five years or have been away, can I still apply?
    In order to process the security clearance you must typically have been resident in the UK for the last five years. If you have been posted abroad whilst working as a Civil Servant. If you have been abroad on holiday or travelling yet were still resident in the UK these gaps can be managed. However if you have lived abroad for periods during the last five years we will not be able to complete your pre-employment checks.

Other frequently asked questions

  1. When would I expect to start if I am successful?
    We expect to tell applicants the outcome of the video interview in late August/early September. It can take some months for security clearance to be completed so the earliest we expect successful applicants to start would be October however it could be late in 2018 or early 2019 dependent on clearances and your notice period (if applicable).