Welcome and Introduction to Immigration Enforcement

Mandie Campbell CBEThank you for your interest in joining Immigration Enforcement. We play a key role in protecting the public.

Immigration Enforcement offers a variety of roles. Our frontline, uniformed and arrest-trained Immigration Officers work in and with communities nationwide to ensure compliance with immigration laws. They apprehend illegal migrants and target companies that flout the rules by employing workers illegally. Officers work closely with police colleagues, other Law Enforcement agencies, the wider public sector as well as the private sector to achieve this. Elsewhere, officers work to deport Foreign National Offenders, provide intelligence to frontline operations, investigate organised immigration crime, progress cases to removal and seek innovative ways to prevent illegitimate access to goods and services.

Working for Immigration Enforcement is challenging and fast paced, requiring quick decision making in demanding situations. To work in Immigration Enforcement you must be able to meet these challenges while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. Some roles are physically demanding, so you will also need to be physically fit to be eligible.

Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Immigration Enforcement. We are a diverse organisation serving diverse communities, so respect is one of our key values. If you are bright, hard-working, committed and looking for a varied and stimulating career, Immigration Enforcement has much to offer you.

I wish you all the best in your application.

Mandie Campbell CBE, Director General, Immigration Enforcement

About Us - who are we and what do we do?

Immigration Enforcement is an operational command of the Home Office, responsible for enforcing immigration law. We form a part of the Border, Immigration and Citizenship system. Created in 2013, we provide a visible and robust response to illegal migration.

We are made up of some 5000 staff deployed nationally and internationally. Alongside 9 Immigration Removal Centres, Immigration Enforcement has 1200 uniformed arrest trained officers; a 500 strong criminal and financial investigation division; an overseas network of Risk and Liaison officers; an intelligence division providing services to the whole of the immigration system and case-working teams focused on removals and foreign national offenders. We deal with the most complex, harmful and resistant element of the immigration system.

We also deploy a wide range of interventions to maximise the return of those here illegally, increase compliance and deterrence, and penalise those who facilitate and benefit from immigration abuse. These interventions include encouraging voluntary return by denying access to services and benefits; tackling those who work illegally, and those who employ them; applying hard edged enforcement capabilities - arrest, detention and deportation - to the most non-compliant and those presenting the most harm to the UK. We also routinely prosecute and disrupt organised immigration crime.

Please note: For further information on Immigration Enforcement's Aims, Vision's and values please refer to the Candidate Information Pack and www.gov.uk/government/organisations/immigration-enforcement/about

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