Better access

With a network of offices across the UK and nearly 3,500 locations in over 80 countries and territories worldwide; we combine an unparalleled global reach with on-the-ground knowledge of local jobs markets.

We pro-actively recruit from a broad range of sourcing channels, and continuously screen and assess candidates nationwide. And with an extensive talent pool of registered and pre-screened candidates at our finger tips, we have access to in-demand individuals who can step in and contribute to your business right away.

More and more people are using digital technologies to communicate and collaborate, so it’s no surprise that the habits of jobseekers are changing. At Manpower, we strategically apply digital technologies to identify and engage with the candidates you need, whether they’re actively looking for a new job or passively open to a new opportunity.


From targeted email campaigns to paid search; and from geo-targeted advertising to managing your employee value proposition, we have all the tools you need to attract and retain talent in the digital age. Take a look at these videos to find out more about the impact of social networking: