Better match

We delve deeply into each assignment, getting to know your company, your business objectives, and talent requirements. We then use our proven assessment methods to pinpoint an individual’s abilities and personal attributes, so we can find the perfect match for your needs.

By using ROMA, our flexible candidate screening, assessment and management system, as part the recruitment process for a leading UK telecommunications provider, we reduced their “no shows” to site by 54%, reduced attrition by 20% and increased productivity by 9%.

ROMA tests each applicant’s ability, aptitude, personality and skills, ranking them against the job’s core competency requirements and incorporating your own assessments where necessary. It also includes bespoke competency-based interviews so you have a true end-to-end picture of the candidate’s performance before you make a hiring decision.

There’s more. Evaluate is our online assessment tool that profiles each candidate’s personality, and measures their abilities across a range of key requirements - from testing fork-lift truck and driving knowledge, to assessing key skills like literacy and numeracy, to measuring a potential Contact Centre Agent’s ability to listen and enter data simultaneously.

And for jobs in production, assembly and logistics, we use Ultradex. Unique to Manpower, Ultradex measures each candidate’s general dexterity, attention to detail and ability to follow oral and written instructions – key attributes for industrial roles.

Better Match