Better results

To stay ahead in the increasingly complex world of work, your recruitment strategies need to fully support your business and workforce needs. That's what we do every day - find and recruit the people you need, while increasing your productivity, improving efficiency and boosting your bottom line.

Testament to the great service we deliver are the 2,000 employers we partner with each year; the 3,000 individuals we recruit for permanent job openings; and the 55,000 people we place on temporary assignments.

As our case studies show, one size does not fit all. We take the time to listen to your unique workforce requirements, and then work closely with you to achieve the results you need - and uncover opportunities for increased efficiency that you may not even have seen.

Our eyes are always fixed on what will happen next in the world of work, so we'll be your guide and show you how to benefit from these changing market conditions. We conduct research into workplace trends, talent management and career development.

More than theoretical whitepapers, our insights have real-world meaning; and that's why the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey is used as a key economic indicator by both the Bank of England and the UK government.