Shared service centres

In our Centres of Recruitment Excellence (CORE), our shared service centres, we've produced a best-in-class model for delivering high-volume recruitment solutions.

CoreBannerCORE provides a full suite of recruiting services, and brings together all the industry-leading hiring innovations and processes we’ve developed over the years to provide you with increased speed and efficiency in your recruitment process.

This delivery model is fully scalable, so we can quickly adapt to changes in volume as your recruitment needs change over time. It's flexible too - CORE can take on all aspects of your recruiting process, but we can also tailor the model to fit your business needs.

The breadth of our capabilities in CORE is broad. We design candidate attraction, selection and management processes that align to your core company values, culture and ambitions; combine this with our proactive and robust approach to vetting, selecting and interviewing, and you can be sure that we'll attract and retain candidates who are right for the job.

And it doesn't stop there - CORE also completes all-important compliance, referencing and auditing tasks, as well as manning a 24/7 out-of-hours service for all your last minute recruitment requirements.

Specialist focus: The numbers

In six months alone, CORE:

  • Reference over 800 Candidates
  • Process in excess of 17,000 criminal record checks
  • Manage over 5,000 credit and sanctions checks
  • Receive 331,624 inbound calls and make 580,190 outbound calls
  • Process over 52,500 candidate applications
  • Pre-screen and/or telephone interview 145,000 candidates
  • Schedule 48,000 candidates into assessment days and 5,500 candidates for onsite interviews.