Onsite teams

Our dedicated onsite recruitment team integrates into your organisation seamlessly; a daily presence around your business.


From here we can do it all - from managing orders for staff, to payrolling, invoicing and assignment changes; from onboarding and training, to managing candidate relations. Whether you have one site or hundreds, we'll oversee all aspects of managing your temp workforce, so you can concentrate on your core business.

We partner with a range of national and global organisations to implement multi-site, multi-skilled workforce solutions. Every year our onsite teams alone manage over 23,000 people who are working on assignment with our clients, so we're skilled at identifying potential areas to add value and driving organisational performance.

As we'll be on-the-ground alongside you, we'll gain a deep understanding of your requirements, objectives and operational culture; this helps us design and execute a recruitment and workforce solution that perfectly fits your business needs. We'll also be in the perfect position to drive your employee engagement, and boost productivity in turn.

We know that control and consistency across multiple sites is a top priority. Central to this is management information (MI). Available in real time, customised to your needs and drilled down to an individual hiring manager level, we'll provide you with real business intelligence that's focussed on identifying opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings.

Specialist focus: Looking at our partnership differently

We offer an additional level of service review; not with your usual Manpower onsite recruitment team, but with one of their peers from another part of our business.

They'll be explorative, objective and look at your business anew. This is a truly open and unbiased review of our service against your workforce requirements, identifying areas for improvement in our service and additional opportunities that may not have been considered before.

Of course this won't replace your usual service reviews. This is an additional opportunity for us to strengthen our partnership and ensure we're doing everything we can to meet your recruitment and workforce requirements.