Developing talent

Millennials - A Career For Me
We explore the career priorities of 19,000 Millennials around the world.
2016 Sustainability Report
Find out how ManpowerGroup are powering the world of work, by building learnability and employability.

The Millennial Mismatch: Why it Matters
We explore the mismatch that exists between the perceptions of employers and those of Millennials.
Better Skills - snapshot
This webinar focuses on evaluating if your team has a skills gap and the different options for bridging it.

Better Access - snapshot
We explore how your organisation can use social media to engage with customers and employees alike.
Optimising the Talent Pool
Thinking differently about talent acquisition strategies is what will help drive businesses forward.

Recruiting a Competitive Workforce
Companies need to learn when it's best to buy talent and when it's more effective to build it.
Recruit the Right Talent
We explore the benefits of recruiting right-fit candidates and providing leadership training.

Leveraging Talent through Training
Insights into how to adopt long-term workforce strategies that are aligned with your business strategy.
Todays Workforce
Smart companies are addressing skills shortages by looking at more innovative workforce strategies.

WANTED: Energised, Career-Driven Youth
We discuss several solutions that employers can adopt to overcome barriers to youth employability.
Migration for Work Survey
An exploration of individuals' views around relocating for work opportunities.

Manufacturing Talent for the Human Age
Recommendations on how employers should tackle the challenge of talent mismatch.