For more than two years, we've supplied the Princess of Wales hospital on the outskirts of Swansea with a range of temporary ancillary staff - including catering roles, ward hosts/hostesses, and kitchen porters. We've been an approved framework supplier since 2002 and currently partner with more than 200 NHS clients nationwide through the CCS RM971 framework. Our experience and expertise meant we quickly built a strong relationship with the hospital team.

We're proud to have achieved 100% conversion rates, where every temporary member of staff we've placed with the Princess of Wales hospital has transitioned to a permanent placement within the Trust. By supplying quality talent who can go on to become permanent employees in this way, we're happy to be supporting the NHS's agenda of reducing agency spend and future agency usage. On top of this, we also take responsibility for arranging the shift patterns of the temporary staff they have on assignment here, to ensure more efficient use of management time.

How it began


When a neighbouring hospital in Swansea reached out to us - Singleton hospital - we were able to use the experience we had gained at the Princess of Wales hospital to fully support their needs. They were struggling to attract the calibre of staff they needed. Added to this, workers were often unprepared to start their role, arriving for their shift without having all the right information and uniform.

With a lack of consistent, reliable temporary workers, they had to spend additional money covering shifts with permanent staff, so they could be sure that all framework and compliance requirements were being met. Something had to change - that's where we came in.

Something had to change


Initially, the team at Singleton hospital thought we might not be able to recruit and engage with candidates in Swansea, since we didn't have an office in the city. However, when candidates can't come to us, we'll go to the candidates.

Our South Wales recruitment team consists of NHS experts who are all 100% dedicated to recruiting for the NHS across Wales. That means we're able to deploy specialist expertise wherever our clients require. When Singleton Hospital started knocking at our door, this specialist team began proactively recruiting across a broad range of sourcing channels straight away.

The team is supported by a nationwide account team, who ensure each consultant is fully equipped to meet and exceed NHS standards every time. Added to this, our speedy, centralised, dedicated compliance team ensures all NHS Employment standards and Skills for Health requirements are met.

We'll go to the candidate


Initially, Singleton Hospital was looking for four temporary candidates. With such streamlined recruitment and compliance processes, we were able to quickly attract, engage, and deploy the high quality candidates they needed. Our effective compliance processes offer greater efficiencies and agile recruitment options, so we were able to cost effectively react to staff requirements at short notice. We did all this, whilst giving them full visibility of spend, spend control and accruals at all times.

Thanks to the great service we delivered, after just two weeks Manpower became the sole supplier at Singleton Hospital and continues to work in partnership to support the Trust. We now also partner with another hospital in the local area - Moriston Hospital. Soon, we will be the sole supplier of temporary staff to this hospital too.

Where we are now