When Eishtec, a leading provider of business services outsourcing, decided to expand their operations into Northern Ireland to complement their two existing sites in the Republic of Ireland, they knew exactly what kind of people they were looking for. They'd previously recruited 100 individuals within four months, so believed they knew where to find their ideal candidates, and how to recruit them.

However, Eishtec won a significant contract with EE, and realised that they would need to increase their planned recruitment very quickly. With an office based in a low population area of just 44,000 people, where the majority of people commute 50 miles a day to work in Belfast, recruiting wouldn't be easy.

Case Study - Eishtec


We were invited, alongside two other agencies, to present our solution on how we would fill 180 roles on a dual supply basis. But we decided to challenge their expectations. We drew on our deep understanding of the local recruitment market and demonstrated that could we find and engage the candidates they needed - and if they chose us as the sole supplier, we would save them significant time and money too.

We were proud that Eishtec selected Manpower as the sole supplier for their recruitment requirements, with the caveat that all 180 roles must be filled with just six months. Shortly after contract award, and due to EE's ongoing success story, the scope was expanded to cover 220 roles - with the six month timeframe unmoved.

Case Study - Eishtec


We immediately mobilised our team to deliver enhancements and efficiencies to Eishtec's existing attraction and selection process.

Our due diligence showed us that Eishtec had already exhausted the local talent pool. So we knew we needed to be innovative in how we went about filling the 220 roles. So we developed a compelling Employee Value Proposition that sat at the heart of our end-to-end recruitment process - centred on the advantages of taking a job close to home and not commuting to Belfast every day.

We knew that the longer the hiring process, the more likely candidates were to drop out. So we worked with Eishtec's hiring community to condense their three-stage hiring process into a single stage interview, with Manpower taking on the pre-screening of all candidates ourselves.

By using our expertise in recruiting for this skill set and building in-depth knowledge into their operations, we made sure that only high quality candidates were delivered to the final interview and, crucially, they were a perfect match to ensure their longevity in the role.


All 220 roles were filled by Manpower within six months, with 100% fulfilment and 0% dropout. Our interview-to-placement ratio was 93%, and we reduced time-to-hire by around 75%. In total, our recruitment process meant that Eishtec realised £131,000 in cost savings too.

And the candidates that we identified were of a superior quality - in fact, one of our candidates was promoted into a Team Leader role within just 12 weeks.

Today, we continue to partner with Eishtec to support in their ongoing recruitment requirements for customer service roles.

Case Study - Eishtec