Preparing for interviews

If you've been invited for a job interview, the recruiter thinks you hold the right skills and experience for the role. This is your chance to prove it to them, and demonstrate in-person that you're perfect for the job.

Before the interview, research the organisation, by taking a look at the website and any recent news articles which relate to them. Make a mental note of what they do, latest industry trends, and basic information like their number of locations and employees. You can use this information during the interview to show you're genuinely interested in what they do.

Ask a friend or family member to help you practise common interview questions, to make sure you're comfortable being quizzed. And remember to prepare questions for the interviewer too - this will show them you really want the job. Finally, remember that first impressions are important. So take the time to carefully consider what you'll wear and prepare your route in advance.

During the interview, show the interviewer that you're interested in the job by maintaining eye contact and using positive body language. Keep your responses relevant to the question; and clearly articulate why you want the job. And remember - take your time. Gather your thoughts so you can give a clear response, rather than just jumping straight in.

Be firm, and try to avoid using tentative language, such as "I feel I could…" or "I think I can…". Don't speak negatively about your previous employers, otherwise the interviewer may think you're a difficult employee. And remember to end on a positive note. Professionally sum up why you think you'd be the perfect choice, and thank the interviewer for considering you.