Preparing for a second job interview

Some employers will ask you to attend more than one interview as part of the application process. It isn't the case for every role, but if you're invited to attend a second interview, it's important that you're prepared to what's ahead.

The second job interview is usually designed to dig deeper into your personality, suitability for the job, and your technical skills (if applicable to the role). They're often conducted by someone else in the company, and are another opportunity for you to demonstrate your capabilities.

Before the second interview takes place, try to find out who will be present. This will help you to pitch your answers appropriately. Also, think of more examples about your previous work achievements, so you're not repeating yourself from your first interview.

Finally, the second job interview is also your chance to quiz the interviewer. Be prepared with lots of relevant questions about the job and the company, to show you're enthusiastic about joining the team.