Accepting a new job

If you've been offered a new role, it's important to be sure it's the right move for you before accepting. Is the work/life balance correct? Does it fit with your overall career goals? Do you think you'll be happy in the role?

If necessary, don't be afraid to negotiate on pay and benefits. There are plenty of online resources which will help you to understand what you're worth in the jobs market, based on your experience, skills and qualifications.

When it comes to resigning from your current employer, it's important to make it as positive as possible. Write a short, direct resignation letter, and deliver it to your boss in person. Practise what you're going to say in advance and how you'll react to a counter-offer, to ease your nerves. Finally, ask any outstanding questions you have before you leave - that might be about benefits, unused annual leave and other compensation you're expecting.

Remember, don't burn your bridges. Resigning isn't about airing your grievances. It's about moving onwards and upwards to something new in a positive way.