Marketing and Creative

With new communication channels emerging every day, people are being bombarded by messages from companies they may want to buy from. This is making it increasingly difficult for companies to stand out - but also giving them more opportunities than ever before to tell their story effectively.

The importance of an authentic and distinctive brand cannot be understated. But advances in technology mean the media landscape has become increasingly fragmented. That's why it's critical that you have a strong marketing and creative function to drive your brand forward - individuals who can effectively communicate with your customers through multiple touch points, whilst maintaining clear visibility of channel effectiveness.

That's where Manpower can help. With a focus on hiring brand, PR, digital and design professionals, we provide organisations with better access to marketing and creative talent; a better approach to matching the right individual to the job; and better business results.

What Our Clients Say

"From the outset, Manpower took the time to get to know our business and culture, so they could really sell our roles to top candidates. This was critical given the candidate-driven market we are faced with today. We also saved a lot of interview time, as candidates' CVs were sent to us by video. This enabled us to match their personalities early on in the process and assess who would be the right fit. This is why Manpower is now our preferred supplier for all recruitment."

Nick Thomas, Sales & Marketing Director, Empire Bespoke Foods

"From recruiting the creative minds we need to ensure our products are the best in the market, to branding and digital experts, Manpower delivers on every role. The company really understands our business and culture, which means we only see high-calibre candidates who are a great fit. In addition, sharing video CVs really saves time in the interview process - it's an effective, interactive way to assess candidates early-on. The professional and proactive service that Manpower provides enables us to get the vital talent we require to flourish."

Martin Boyle, Managing Director, iCandy