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The MyPath programme represents the foundation of our company culture: “We have a mission to improve the skills of people wherever they may be, in whatever part of the world they live. We have a mission to talk to people, to consult with them, advise them and help them get the skills they need to get a job. Our company aims to be a tremendous instrument for good by helping people become more employable and growing to achieve their goals.” – Elmer Winter, Founder, Manpower.

What is MyPath?

MyPath is our exclusive upskilling and development programme that you can opt into as an actively assigned Manpower associate.

The MyPath programme can connect you to opportunities to advance your skills and meet employers’ needs today and in the future. Throughout the programme, Manpower will provide personalised guidance, career development through educational opportunities, training, and continuous access to jobs, so you can achieve more!

We’re here to support you throughout your employment journey. Your Talent Agent gets to know you so you’re not alone in finding your path, gaining new skills and achieving your goals. You will build a relationship with your Talent Agent, identify your strengths and choose a career path that works best for you. Then gain new skills and evolve your career through education opportunities, certifications and online skills training.

What are the benefits?

Our clients and associates have seen a variety of benefits of the MyPath programme:


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Who is eligible for the programme?

The MyPath programme is open to Manpower’s most committed and motivated associates. Those who have demonstrated high levels of engagement in their work or training with us, and are committed to growing their careers further with Manpower.




Get in Touch

If you are a Manpower Associate and are interested in the MyPath programme, please get in touch with your local branch to discuss.

If you are an employer wanting to learn more about the MyPath programme, please submit your details via the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.